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All residents at the Graduate House have the rights listed below:

1.    To live in a safe, healthy, and homelike environment.


2.    To live in an alcohol and illicit drug-free environment.


3.    To receive and observe consistent and fair drug-testing practices.


4.    To experience their individual recovery and independence needs as the primary concern of the organization and leadership.

5.    To experience and observe consistent and uniformly applied rules.


6.    To choose their own personal path of recovery and independence, within the parameters defined, in the Graduate House policies.


7.    To have their privacy and personal rights protected.

8.    To plan and manage their own work, school, social, and personal schedules.


9.    To manage their own finances.


10. Choose their path of recovery and independence plan goals.


11.  To experience a timely, fair, and appropriate response to stated concerns.


12.  To provide input and suggestions towards improving organizational efficacy.


13.  To withdraw from the house at any time for any reason.

Members/Residents will adhere to the rules below:

1. Residents will not violate federal, state, or local laws.

2. Residents will obey the policies as stated in the handbook/website.

3. Residents will abstain from using alcohol, drugs, or synthetic derivatives.

4. Residents will not bring drugs/alcohol or synthetic derivatives on the property.

5. Residents will submit an alcohol or drug test upon request from the house manager/operator or house officers.

6. Residents consent to the room and/or personal property inspections “for cause” when the manager/operator/officers deem it necessary to maintain a safe and secure environment.

7. Residents consent to having common areas recorded by a camera(s) to safely monitor the environment.

8. Absolutely no sexual activity is permitted between residents.

9. All residents must sleep in their own rooms.

10. Residents are strongly advised not to loan money to other residents, in any amount, for any reason.

11. Residents must not overload the washing machine with an excessive amount of clothing/linens and should never leave their clothes in the washer, dryer, or laundry room overnight.

12. Residents will not use any other resident’s belongings, including food, without the express permission of its owner.

13. Residents will not have plates or silverware in their bedrooms.

14. Residents will obey the food safety agreement.

15. Residents will recycle all approved recyclables when possible.

16. Residents will only smoke in the designated smoking area.

17. Residents will obey the fire safety agreement.

18. Residents will not enter another resident’s room without an invite.

19. Guests/Visitors are not allowed in any resident’s room.

20. Residents will enforce the guest/visitor protocol.

21. Residents will not touch pool chemicals/equipment without proper training.

22. Residents will obey the swimming pool protocol.

23. Residents will not park or drive on the grass.

24. Residents will uphold the parking plan agreement.

25. Residents will enter and exit through the front and rear doors only.

26. Residents will lock doors after they enter and exit the property.

27. Residents will uphold the resident etiquette agreement.

28. Residents will uphold the conservation of energy agreement.

29. Residents will obey the weight lifting protocol.

30. Residents will uphold the house standards and general maintenance agreement.

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